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Hi there! Welcome to the blog that is about anything and everything. We are two friends who realized how many things we love, from clothes, home and food, to exercise, photography and positivity. We love to create and decided to join forces and see if we can encourage kindness and creativity with all of you. We are from Layton, UT and live in the same neighborhood, which is a family to us and we love it.  We are both wives and mothers and have each been through and are going through lots of adventures in our lives. We hope our experiences that we have had and will have will inspire this blog to be authentic, fun and positive. We hope that you will enjoy and find inspiration for any aspect of your life. We aren’t professionals but we sure like a good challenge.


About Em

Lets start out by saying, I am an easy going, likes to be spontaneous,  and you-could-sell-me-on-just-about-any-good-idea kind of gal. I am a Utah girl who grew up in a small farming community that is a big part of who I am. I think it taught me that life happens and you just get up and keep moving. Dirt and bugs don’t bother me. I love being outside, enjoying nature, it re-centers my life. I went to school at Utah State University where I graduated with a degree in exercise science. I met the most genuine, kind, inspiring guy there, who is now my husband. We were married in 2005 and we are just about to have our 5th boy. Yes you read that right- 5 boys. I never thought I would be raising all boys but I truly love it and receive such special blessings because of it. Is it exhausting? Yes! Am I in over my head? Most days yes! But that just tells me I am pushing myself to be better and I have stretched to be a person I never thought was possible. I love being a stay-at-home-mom (again- most days). I truly look at that as a blessing. But I find my heart longing to do something more, to create and have a way to push myself in a different direction and that is the reason for wanting to do this blog with such a great friend.

I love to exercise, and I try and be healthy but I love me a cookie (they make me happy) I love home décor and decorating  but I have a part in me that says, “use what you have and wear it out until you can’t possibly stand it anymore.” I like to be frugal because I’m a cheap girl at heart. I can’t help it, it’s the country girl in me. I have found a new passion for photography and I learn something new every time I pick up the camera (it makes me giddy when I get that special picture).  I love learning about gospel topics and how it adds depth to my life. It opens my mind to something greater and keeps my from getting too materialistic. It is a huge part of who I am and it makes me happy. So to sum me up in a sentence, I like happy things. Easy. Done.


About Court

We have a legendary family story.  In that story, I came out of the womb not crying, but with a smile on my face…That may or may not be true…but what definitely is true, is that I typically have a smile on my face.  Life is pretty great.  I live in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains with my amazing hubs, two kids and a crazy dog (who is a Vizsla…pronounced Veesh-la).  Together we enjoy popcorn, motorcycling, skiing, waterskiing, traveling, rock climbing, watching movies, and soda water with lime in it.

As a young girl, before I would go to school, I would “Make and Do”.  I would create and create and create anything from a cardboard box house to an elephant costume.  I never quite grew out of the desire to create and I am so happy to talk about my creations on this blog.   When not blogging, I am most definitely taking loads of photos.  I am a photographer and get a thrill from taking and looking at beautiful photos.  Like Emily, I also like a cookie (or two, or three, but probably most likely about 5 cookies).  I also love singing, dancing, baking, painting, SHOPPING and finding new hobbies.  I am a spiritual person, a scripture studier, a church go-er, and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My family and my God are most important to me.

So happy you can join us on this new adventure.  Please follow us, and share with your friends!