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What makes a good friend?

What makes a good friend?

About 4 years ago I moved into a new home, new neighborhood, and new town. It was hard to leave the home we had made in Logan and venture to the new place closer to work for my husband. I really didn’t want to move to the big Wasatch front. But it was a necessary move and one that I would try my best to love. We found a cute nook that we immediately fell in love with and everything fell into place for us. On the very first Sunday after we moved in, we went to church. So many wonderful people greeted us. So many new neighbors we instantly fell in love with. I was a little shy but one particular girl made a big impression on me. She didn’t do anything out of the ordinary she just greeted me warmly with a big smile, asked my what my name was and welcomed my little boy into nursery. I sat and watched her for a minute and told myself, “I really hope I can be her friend.”

That girl was Court.

Obviously, my dreams came true and Court and I became friends! Best day ever! She has been a wonderful person and I wanted to share how I think she makes a good friend. So, if you are wondering how to be a good friend, here you go…

Easy to laugh- a good friend laughs! She laughs at all your dumb jokes and even makes a few back!

Listens- I talk a lot and she listens a lot. I have actually learned that I need to listen more because she is so good at it.

Serves you- good friends can see your needs even before you see them. The thing that makes her different is she acts. She gets up and serves you and it instantly lifts your spirits.

Knows you- a good friend gets to know you and learns your favorite things. She then sends you fun texts and messages about things that remind her of you.

Loves you- a good friend forgives and loves you even when you aren’t being at the top of your game. She loves you through your trials and messy hair days. You always know she will have words that will boost and uplift you.

Helps you dream- a good friend helps you want to be the best version of yourself. She helps you see your own potential and gives you the encouragement to go for it. To follow the dreams and goals to make you a better person

Friends take effort. Friends take support. Friends take encouragement. Friends need attention. Friends need love. We all need friends. We can never have enough friends. We should never stop being a good friend. So, make those efforts and put yourself out there. It makes all the difference in a person’s life. It has in my life and I am determined to pay it forward.

Thank you, Court for showing me what a good friend is. Happy Birthday!

Love, Em

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