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Summertime Success {Theme Days}

Summertime Success {Theme Days}

I was talking with my oldest son about how he sees his summer going. It was an interesting conversation. It started out well, he was excited about not going to school and playing more with his friends. Then the conversation turned to frustration as he thought of things he wanted to do that also involved lots of money, he saw the look on my face and he knew he couldn’t do alllll that he wanted. I felt bad. He felt bad. So I asked him what he liked that we had done in the past. He said he loved it when we had a theme of the day during the summer. It gave him something to look forward to each day and it usually didn’t cost much. With a bigger family we just can’t drop lots of money on expensive outings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the summer to it’s fullest.

So as he was telling me about all the wonderful things we did during that summer of “theme” days I just had to smile. I remember setting it up a few years ago and I also remember it only lasted 2 weeks. Yep, I was committed to it for 2 weeks of the 10 week summer. He thinks we did it all summer and I remember it being a lot of work and it just fizzled out. I actually liked the idea of it, but I knew we needed to make some adjustments.

I needed to make this as simple as possible. The more complicated the less likely it would survive and the less likely I would survive. Here is what I did the in the past.


Here are the changes

One thing that really helped was printing off a calendar and scheduling out what we wanted to do. Here is the calendar I used! So easy

2018 Printable Calendar(picture from

Monday: I wanted to keep the “make a craft Monday” but that was so hard to figure out each week. I usually didn’t have the supplies and didn’t have the time to go to the store to make the craft happen every week. My adjustment this year is plan all those Mondays out in advance. Pick all the crafts before hand, buy all the supplies and that will hopefully make it much more successful. When Monday comes I can pull out what we need and we can all enjoy. I even will print out instructions too. I want to spend time doing these kind of things with my kids, so it is worth it to me.

Here are some ideas for “make a craft Monday”


Tuesday: This one was easy to keep. Just go to the Library. But this year to make it even more fun and enjoyable, I checked when the library had events. At our elementary school they have a weekly guest reader and an activity for kids to interact with. Easy. All I have to do is show up, which means putting an alarm on my phone so I don’t forget about it. The kids also know their library and the know where all their favorite books are. I am hoping it will make a summer of reading more of a habit.

Wednesday: My kids have always been into cooking. It takes patience to teach them and it does make a mess. But the best day is when you can say to your child, “will you make me some cookies?” They can go into the kitchen make the cookies with minimal assistance and you reap the reward of their hard work. It’s an amazing thing. I especially like it on Sundays when I want a treat but don’t have the energy to make it. So on Wednesday’s I try and think of different easy things to make. We need to eat lunch anyway, so why not have them help with it. Here are some of our ideas…

  • bread
  • cookies
  • tacos
  • scones
  • pancakes
  • fruit pizza
  • muffins
  • rice crispy
  • granola
  • cake
  • spaghetti

Thursday: This was the day that always got skipped. I felt bad because it was the service day. I don’t want to completely drop service, but we have other opportunities to do it on other days. Like take some of the cookies you made on Wednesday over to someone in need, or share that craft you made with the elderly and make it a visit. So, Thursdays I honestly need my kids to do their own thing. I need a day off of scheduled entertainment. It will make this theme day more successful if mom has a break. They can do something fun with dad or just have a fun day with friends or cousins.

Friday: This was my kids FAVORITE day. This day is when we check off things from our family bucket list. We do it with dad and we all love the time spent together! Here are somethings that we want to do this summer, Court wrote all about it in this post. There are so many great ideas that both of our families are actually going to do!

(p.s. I used some summer time vector graphics from

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