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Clean and Inviting Home Ideas

Clean and Inviting Home Ideas

As spring time approaches closer and closer these days I love refreshing my home. “Refreshing” could mean a number of things from redoing a room, to decluttering, to repainting something or just buying something new for a space. I got thinking that there are a number of things that I love to have or do to my home that really helps make it feel fresh, clean and inviting. I even asked my husband what he likes about a home that helps it feel inviting. Men tend to see the home very different than us women. So this is a list I rounded up to help give ideas for a quick and easy refresh.

  • Declutter- easy yet probably the most powerful!! It will be an instant face lift for a room. I will start with a corner and soon I am working on the whole room. It is all about getting started. But, just cleaning things up will be the most impactful way to uplift the feeling of a room.
  • Curtains- Don’t underestimate their power. They add so much warmth to a room. Some of my favorites are those with some texture. And don’t be afraid to update what you have. You don’t need to keep curtains for your lifetime. Just saying.

Here are some I am loving from Target:

Here are the links

  1. Blue curtains with cute trim
  2. Yellow- or there are lots of other colors too
  3. My very favorite! They have beautiful texture!
  • Pillows- I think you have heard this one a thousand times from many designers and bloggers. But let me tell you, there is something fun about a fresh new cute pillow that instantly updates your couches and room. It’s fun and it makes me happy, so it might make you happy. Also here is a tip to save you a little money…. Buy zipper covers. Just cover your pillows you already have. Some covers you can get for under 10 dollars. One time I found some really ugly pillows at Ross but they were a really nice down feather pillow for cheap and then I just recovered them with a 7 dollar cute cover from amazon.
  • Cozy blankets- Textures can be so inviting to snuggle up in. They have such cute blankets right now with thick chunky textures.
  • Smells- This is one of the hubby’s idea! But smells are one of those things that can make or break an inviting home. I have 5 boys. I battle smells on a regular basis. I haven’t found “a solves all smells solution” but, a wall plug in helps, candles, or wax melts. But honestly, cleaning seems to be the best. Clean laundry, bathrooms, taking the garbage out and doing the dishes seem to be the most helpful. But sometimes you just need to cover up those smells until you can get to cleaning them… #realmom
  • Baskets- Guys this is how people have clean homes. They shove everything into baskets. Wait… maybe not everyone does that but seriously that is how I function. I can have the house picked up in 10-20 minutes because of those glorious baskets. It is all about everything having a place. I deep clean the baskets about once a week. It is my life line to a picked up house.
  • Lighting- Next to decluttering, lighting is the next biggest change you can make for an inviting home. Lamps are so magical! You can’t have too many. They add a warmth and feeling to a room that just makes you want to sit down and relax. I love having windows open and light pouring in during the day and lamps illuminating and glowing at night. It will make you love your home at night! I’m personally on the hunt for a not so expensive, but sturdy floor lamp!

Here are some of my favorites again from target!

And the links:

  1. Black
  2. I own this one and love it.
  3. The marble base!!
  4. White and wood
  5. Give me all the gold
  6. The pulls!!

Here are my favorite floor lamps too!

1. Love the stone base

2. I have a thing for black

3. Love the shape

4. I have been drawn to this one for a long time.

  • Routine- Your home isn’t always about others coming over. It is about your family feeling content, secure, and peaceful. So when my husband said he loves a good routine as part of a having an inviting home, I loved that. So for example, a bed time routine or after school routine. Another would be what they can and cannot do during the week and what they can do on the weekends. It all helps. We don’t have that all the time but when we try and have a little structure and a routine our kids seem to be happier. That in turn makes mom and dad happier!
  • Food- Another of my Husbands request. His heart is warmed by food! And lets be honest having good food around the house makes kids and mom happy too.
  • Personality- Putting things that you love in your home is what makes it YOUR home. You will love your home more when it reflects you. There are so many ideas that are beautiful to look at and dream about. I look at ideas all the time. But when it comes down to it, I can’t make my home change its structure to look like a picture. I just pick and choose a few things that make me happy and soon it all starts to come together and I find that I love it. Paint you walls, find dĂ©cor that you love, get inspired and just do it. Making a mood board helps too. But remember to make it reflect you!!

Spring cleaning is contagious for me. It feels so good to update and refresh a home. So open those windows and doors, breath in the fresh spring air and make your home feel good!

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